General Manager

Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt, D.D.S., M.S.                    

Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt graduated as a general dentist in 1985. Her practice has been limited exclusively to oral orthopedics and orthodontics since 2002.  She holds a M.S. degree in orthodontics and completed her Master’s Thesis on the use of Light Wire Appliances in conjunction with fixed appliance therapy.  Dr. Carreon-Truitt is also certified thru AMIDOFA (Asosiacion Mexicana Interdiciplinaria de Dolor Oro Facial) which she received her certificate of Facial Pain & TMJ.

Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt is available for consultations on the use of the Light Wire Appliances, SmileTRU cases and any other patient issues that may need her specialized analysis.  



Dr. Livier getting hands on in the lab working on a Upper Hawley.