Triple “O” International Laboratory and Supply Company specializes in fixed and removable orthodontic and orthopedic appliances. 

Different skeletal and dental malocclusions require the use of specific types of therapedic and orthodontic appliances. Triple “O” Laboratory offers the dentist advice and options when selecting an appliance.

Many orthopedic appliances must be sequenced in a specific order of treatment. Triple “O” Laboratory can assist the dentist with this sequence as well as with the adjustments for various appliances.

Cleaning Advice

Both the appliance and the teeth must be cleaned regularly. Any of the commercial denture cleaners work quite well when used on a daily basis to clean the appliance.

However, some patients will build up a white coating on the appliance that is difficult to remove by soaking. “Lava” soap and an old toothbrush will easily remove this deposit. Be Careful!! Do not bend any of the wires while brushing the appliance.