Delta Force Brackets

Delta Force are the latest state-of-the-art brackets that can work twice as fast as conventional brackets due to their low friction when used in conjunction with bio-efficient heat-activated arch wires. These cleverly designed variable force brackets can be ligated in 5 different ways from minimum friction right through to maximum Centered Scribe Line.


Easy Bracket Placement

The Delta Force Bracket System incorporates a unique design that allows the orthodontic practitioner the ability to control the friction between the archwire, bracket, and elastic ligature. By varying the ligature placement, the doctor more fully controls his or her method of sliding mechanics. Friction can be easily increased or decreased to facilitate the doctor’s treatment plan.

Key Features

Triple Reference Points

Each bracket has three reference points for fast accurate placement. A center scribe line aligns with the long axis of the clinical crown. The archwire slot and occlusal base line up with the occlusal tooth surface.  

The reduced mesio-distal width of the gingival tie wing allows the practitioner to easily flex the archwire into bracket slots. Many times a rectangular wire can be placed sooner to achieve torque control earlier in treatment

Centered Scribe Line: For accurate bracket placement

Tie the ligature on the center occlusal tie wing for minimum friction.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Rotation Force (Rotation)

 Allows you to control rotational force                                                                                       .

Leveling and Aligning Ligation (Medium) 

Use a standard ligation leveling and aligning.

Anchor Force (Anchor)

Allows you to anchor each individual tooth.

True Straight Arch Features

Single piece durable construction
Our state of the art MIM process eliminates bracket and pad separation for increased reliability.

Variable force ligation low frication in early treatment later in treatment
Increase friction to seat archwire in the base of the slot for full torque expression

A combined single/twin bracket greater inter bracket span for maximum archwire deflection with the rotational control of a twin. Use a full rectangular wire sooner in treatment for earlier torque control.

Easy to Ligate
Maximum under tie wing clearance for quick and easy ligation.

Low profile design
Greater patient comfort and better oral hygiene.