Molar Bands

  • Superior Tooth Morphology, Full Tempered, Micro-Etched Interiors Available
  • Memory and Elasticity Maintained After Prefit and Removal, Permanent Size Marking
  • Proportional Graduated Half-Sizing, Numbered 29-1/2 through 44
  • Precise Occlusal and Gingival Fit to Avoid Cement Washout
  • Increased Occlusal Edge Strength to Prevent Deformation
  • Stiffer Material to Withstand Additional Pressure of Extra and Intraoral Appliances
  • Thinner Straight Interproximal for Reduced Separation
  • Trimmed Occlusal and Gingival Area for Minimal Interference

Band Coding:

  • Legibly marked on mesial side
  • U indicates Upper
  • L indicates Lower
  • S indicates 2nd Molar
  • R indicates Right
  • L indicates Left

Band Kits Sizes:

Half sizes 29-1/2 through 44.

* All Band Kits can be ordered as Loose Bands or Prewelded Assemblies.

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