Epsilon Bracket

The Epsilon is made from high tensile and corrosion resistant 317L stainless steel and has a bracket-base integral design, which features an innovative base pad. Enhanced and consistent bond strength is achieved through the innovative base pad design and a unique high pressure surface texturing process. The bracket base is enlarged occlusal-gingivally on all lower brackets to further improve the bond strength.

The bracket slot is not milled as in most conventional brackets but injection molded as part of the primary bracket design. This produces a smoother bracket slot with reduced frictional resistance.

Unparalleled brightness and shine on all Epsilon brackets are achieved through an elaborate process of polishing and electro finishing. Coupled with the mini-twin design and a color coding system, the appliance is readily accepted by both orthodontists and patients.

Smooth, rounded contours and edges in the bracket design are achieved through the Metal Injection Molding manufacturing process. In addition, all brackets have gone through elaborate tumbling and polishing processes.