Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt, D.D.S., M.S.                    

Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt graduated as a general dentist in 1985. Her practice has been limited exclusively to oral orthopedics and orthodontics since 2002.  She holds a M.S. degree in orthodontics and completed her Master’s Thesis on the use of Light Wire Appliances in conjunction with fixed appliance therapy.  Dr. Carreon-Truitt is also certified thru AMIDOFA (Asosiacion Mexicana Interdiciplinaria de Dolor Oro Facial) which she received her certificate of Facial Pain & TMJ.

Dr. Livier Carreon-Truitt is available for consultations on the use of the Light Wire Appliances, SmileTRU cases and any other patient issues that may need her specialized analysis.