Smile TRU Clear Positioners

Overview of Clear Positioners

The 2 cases below have been treated by Dr. Shintaro Tsuchiya from Japan. We have clinicians all over the world that do Smile Tru. The doctors understand  that at Smile Tru we evaluate the sizes of the arches and teeth in order to create the best balance for the patient.

There are many different ways in which teeth can be moved/straightened, with wires and brackets, fixed or removable appliances etc. However, due to advances in 3D printing (additive manufacturing) equipment, laser scanners and computer aided design for digitally modelling teeth into their new position there is a new way to straighten your teeth INVISIBLY. This is perfect for someone that wants their teeth straightened but does not want anyone to know that they are in treatment. This aesthetically pleasing method of moving teeth also has the added advantage of being removable for eating drinking or a hot Friday night date. Have you always wanted that Hollywood smile but the thought of wires and brackets is too much to bear, then Smile TRU could be for you.

In cases where there is crowding of the teeth and there is not enough room for them all to be straightened, there are basically 3 different methods of creating space.

  1. Extractions, this is the most extreme method and is not really suitable for use with clear positioners
  2. IPR – Interproximal Reduction which is essentially removing some enamel from some of the teeth to make them very slightly smaller.
  3. Expanding the width or length of the dental arch. Clear positioners are not great at achieving this but there are very discreet appliances that can be used in conjunction with clear positioners to achieve this. These appliances are generally not visible from the front of the mouth

Smile Tru

Smile TRU is the brand name of the clear positioners. It is a series of clear plastic moulds that fit over your teeth to gently guide them from their current, to their desired position. Smile TRU is manufactured under exacting specifications using the very latest in digital production methods and additive layer manufacturing devices (3D printers). Smile TRU features the added advantage of various levels of implementation depending on the types of imbalances present. If you are looking for an invisible solution, it has to be Smile TRU.

Case Studies

Complete Case

Some patient’s teeth can not be correctly positioned until the size of the dental arches are developed. This type of malocclusion can be pretreated with orthopedic appliances that can not be seen and to not interfere with speech.
This is an example of a patient treated with Smile Tru appliances. This type of malocclusion is usually corrected in eight to twelve months. Some cases may require a minor amount of stripping (IPR) between the teeth to create adequate space to properly position the teeth
Smile TRU & Conventional Braces
Some patients have a malocclusion that is best treated with Smile Tru on the upper teeth and conventional braces on the lower teeth that are not visible on most patients. Many times this combination therapy can speed the treatment time and reduce the amount of stripping (IPR) required to properly position the teeth.

How does it work?

Each positioner is designed to fit over the teeth and apply gentle forces to gradually move the teeth. The positioners are worn until they feel passive, usually around 14 days, you then move onto the next positioner that has further movements built in. This step by step approach ensures that you are only applying gentle forces to the teeth which is both good orthodontic practice and minimises any discomfort when wearing the positioner. The positioner will feel fairly tight when it is first placed and some mild discomfort may be experienced but this soon settles down. Impact on speech is minimal and you will soon get used to wearing them.

Benefits of Smile TRU

  • Virtually invisible
  • Comfortable
  • Minimal impact on your daily life
  • Removable for eating, drinking and cleaning
  • Good oral hygiene can be maintained
  • You can be treated by your regular dentist (as long as they are registered and trained to use the system)


Clear positioners are not suitable for all cases and is not a direct replacement for full Orthodontic treatment. They are however capable of treating a wide range of case types in the adult sector. Consult your dentist to find out if you are suitable for Smile TRU.

What the patients say

“I can’t believe how I could have Orthodontic treatment and my friends didn’t even know, well until I showed them my positioners. Traditional orthodontics were out due to my high profile job, so this suited me perfectly. You can’t stop me smiling now”