There are limitations to the amount and type of movements that can be achieved with clear positioners alone. Some teeth may require attachments (link to attachment section on website) to assist with the movements. Gaining the required space to move the teeth can be done with IPR (Inter Proximal Reduction) or by developing the arch with an appliance such as the A.L.F. (Advanced Light Wire Functional) before going into clear positioners. Extraction cases are not best treated with clear positioners or cases where large amounts of torque or rotations of the canines, pre-molars or molars are required. Also be aware of any TMJD, active periodontal disease, severe alveolar bone loss or Ankylosed teeth. But don’t worry, our experienced technicians are there to help guide you with which cases are suitable and also offer alternative methods if applicable. You will not be on your own, we are there to help and guide you through the treatment.