Alginate phases clearly indicated by change in colour, minimizes time in the mouth particularly good for young children.

Impression may be kept for 100 hours without distortion or shrinkage.

Provides 50 impressions per pouch.

 Impression Guards

When impressions are taken of patients wearing braces, the impression material can get behind the bracket tie wings and create a mechanical lock that can cause bracket failure.

Impression Guards stretch over the bracket, eliminate undercuts and allow for smoother intact impressions.

 Impression Trays

 Feature deep vertical walls for accurate definition of occlusion and soft tissue. Six sizes of uppers and lowers provide a better fit for both pedo and adult. Each size is colour-coded and numbered for easy identification. Perforated trays provide mechanical lock of impression material. Disposable or reusable. Cold sterilization is recommended. 


 The IPT kit contains a selection of

  • 11 oscillating discs for use with the Komet handpiece.
  • 2 IPR strips (Blue 0.13 and Yellow 0.08)
  • 2 Burrs

The KOMET electric handpiece OS30. When using the micro-motor at full capacity, an effective performance of 5000 oscillations per minute is reached. When using the OS30 with an air motor, an effective performance of 2500 oscillations per minutes can be reached.

KOMET USA introduces a revolutionary new disc/handpiece system designed to be used in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic procedures for interproximal enamel reducing and finishing.

The OS (oscillating segment) Discs are the first of their kind in the dental industry and are safe and efficient for interproximal enamel reduction. The design of the OS Discs allows access into tight spaces while allowing enough vision for the user without the need of a disc guard.

The OS Discs are more effective than manual enamel reduction with virtually no risk of injuring the soft tissue.


 Patient Care Kit

 Kit Contents

1 full handle V– Trim toothbrush
1 Travel V-Trim foldable toothbrush
12yd waxed dental floss
1 Dental mirror
1 orthodontic patient wax
1Interdental brush cylinder
1 floss threader 10pck
1 two minute timer
1 vinyl bag

 Retainer Brite

 Helps remove plaque and tarter, kills germs and bacteria, cleans and brightens, and keeps appliances minty fresh. Ideal for cleaning your SmileTRU positioners as well.

36 tablets per box

 Retainer Cases


Made from durable, high quality plastic, these retainer cases feature a new trim shape and an easy to use clasp that shuts securely.

Available in two sizes, Standard and Large.

 Sonic Cleaner

 A great accompaniment to Retainer Brite! With regular use, this Sonic Cleaning machine will keep your dental appliance looking new! Simply fill the removable plastic container with warm water. Drop in one tablet of Retainer Brite and your appliance; turn the Sonic Cleaning Machine on for about 5-10 minutes. Process should be repeated 3 or 4 times per week.

( 2 x AA batteries and 2 x Retainer Brite tablets included)

 Earth Stone

This is a simple, quick and no fuss way to produce your own stone models.

1 minute mix time and then fully hard in 10 minutes, mixed in the container for minimal mes.

  • 10 minute setting time
  • Improved Abrasion Resistance
  • Silky – Semi Gloss Surface
  • Minimum Setting Expansion
  • Accurate for Die Stone Use

This superb dental stone can be used to create a stone model for retainers, mouth guards, bleaching trays, denture repairs, night guards, composite inlays, temporary bridges, custom trays, crown and bridge, partials, TMJ splints, snore guards and more.

Sold in sets of 18.