3 Jaw Plier

Precision tips for accurate wire and clasp adjusting and contouring. Also an excellent plier for bending of orthopedic appliances. Superior strength for wires up to .030”.

 Angled How Plier

Efficient utility plier with serrated beaks for a firm grip. 45 degree angled tips to access hard to reach areas, when placing archwires

 Arch Gauge  
 Archwire Stop Plier

Special design makes 1mm “V” bends to shorten archwires or provide a positive stop. Excellent for placing stops in Nitanium wires. For round or rectangular wires up to .019” x .025”.

 Baker Lingual Bar Plier

The Baker Lingual Bar Plier was developed to assist dentists in the placement of bondable lingual bar retainers after the completion of orthodontic therapy.

 Band Crimping Plier

Crimps and reforms bands with ease and accuracy; allowing better adaptation to tooth.

 Bird beak Plier

Versatile plier for working with round wire up to .030”. Round and pyramid beaks are smooth to prevent wire scoring. Can also be used to form springs.

 Deluxe Bracket holder

Stainless steel holder designed for accurate placement of anterior and posterior direct bond brackets and buccal tubes. Excellent field of vision. 

 Bracket Positioner Gauge

Simplifies bracket positioning. Place gauge on the incisal occlusal surface of tooth to simplify bracket positioning. Solid stainless steel for lasting durability.

Measures 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm and 5.0mm.

 Buccal Tube Converting Plier

Precision stainless steel instrument uses reciprocal plier action to shear off the temporary cap on a convertible first molar buccal tube.


Replacement blades for buccal tube converting plier.

 Cement Spatula

Full stainless steel construction. One end is cement mixing spatula, other end is designed for placing cement in preformed bands.


A device used to trace Bimler and Sassouni Analysis

 Notched Bracket Holder

Designed to fit the unique shape of all DELTA FORCE Brackets. Notched on each side of the tip captures the angles on the bracket body just under the occlusal tie wings. This holds the bracket securely, without shifting, or risk of popping out. Tweezers tips rest just above the base flange, providing a firm surface to push against while seating the bracket. The reverse end of this tool has a narrowed tip that can be placed in the archwire slot for aligning and adjustin.
Stainless steel holder designed for accurate placement of anterior and posterior direct bond brackets and buccal tubes.

• Excellent field of vision.
• Notched for use with delta force brackets.

 Deluxe Boley Gauge

Essential for measuring cross arch width interorally or on your study casts. Easy to use, sturdy, and dependable. The slide moves smoothly and easily, yet hold its position when released to maintain accurate measurements. The tips are curved and precision shaped to confidently locate and hold points for measurement. The front and back are marked with scales; both marked in millimeters up to 80mm, with large marks and numbers to denote every 10 millimeters.


Designed for long life and ease in removing direct bond brackets. The 60° angle allows access to anterior and posterior. The tips wedge between edges of bracket base and tooth surface. Lifting brackets off with no stress. Excellent for both stainless steel and cosmetic brackets, anterior and posterior.

 Distal End Bending Pliers

Step down bends intraorally with fixed wire.

 Double End Lig Director

(Double Sided) Design features ligature tie-slip tip on one end; ligature tucking on other end. All stainless steel construction.

 Elastic Separating Plier

Angulated beaks for accessibility, ease and accuracy. Grooved beaks assure positive hold for positioning elastics.

 Flat on Flat Plier

Stubby, square beaks; .045″ at tip and parallel at 1mm opening. Easily bends and forms wire up to .060 to .050

 Hard Wire Cutter

The extra strong edges make it one of the most popular hard wire cutters. Designed to cut all sizes and types of archwires, it features a 15 degree cutting angle for easy intraoral access. (Cuts stainless steel wire up to .036”).

 How Plier

Precision-ground serrated tips assure a firm, positive grip that will last for years.


Precision stainless steel IPR Gauge for accurate measurement when creating space between teeth.

6 piece set, labelled and notched for easy identification in the following sizes – .01mm, .02mm, .025mm, .03mm, .04mm, .05mm.


 Jarabak Plier

Excellent for precise bending and forming loops in light wires up to .020”. Also used to adjust springs on orthopaedic appliances. No splay because of fine serrations of square beaks; assuring firm grip.

 Large Occulist Plier

Round and concave beaks are hardened stainless steel and have fine, smooth finish. Bends round or rectangular wire with firm grip but will not nick wire. Bends larger radius in wire. Up to .032

 Ligature Remover

Double ended explorer for ease of ligature elastic removal. Special tempered tips


For quick, precise placement of elastomeric ligature modules. With locking, quick-release Mathieu type handles, sure-grip beaks, and hook up.


Precision tips, non-slip grip, and operator friendly. Smooth glide spring for consistent opening and closing

 Molar Band Seater

Multi–purpose seater with hardened stainless steel tip, molded handle also serves as a bite stick. Sterilizable and autoclavable.

 Molar Cap Remover

Removes convertible caps from first molar buccal tubes. Insert tip into mesial opening of tube and use lever action to peel off cap.

(Includes 3 replacement tips.)


Molar cap removing blades (6)

 Hollow Chop ARch Plier

Smooth working area is ideal for forming and contouring archwires.

Useful in placing accentuated curves in archwires.

Excellent plier for forming of Nitanium archwires.

 Debracketing Gun

Unique design makes this the best debonding tool available. Simply place the wire over any tie wing, position the instrument to straddle the bracket, lightly squeeze until both contact surfaces rest evenly on the tooth surface then squeeze slightly harder until the bracket lifts off. Kit includes replacement wire, alien wrench, and debracketing instrument.


Replacement wires for debracketing gun

 Orthometer Grid

This orthometer symmetry grid allows for clearer model analysis. Extremely useful in determining uni-lateral arch length loss.

 Pin & Ligature Cutter

This cutter’s super-sharp, diamond honed edges are effective for cutting all soft wires, pins, and elastics up to .016” diameter. 15 degree cutting angle.

Not to be used on hard wire.

 Polar Bear Instrument

Thermally activated archwires can be chilled easily, quickly and intraorally for easy placement of specific and difficult bends. The Polar Bear can be heat or cold sterilized.

 Posterior Band Remover

Safely and quickly removes posterior bands. Pad rests on occlusal surface and tip catches edge of band. Tips may be heat sterilized.

Replacement Tips (3 per pack) sold separately.


6 Replacement tips per pack.

 Safety Hold Distal End Cutter

DISTAL END CUTTER SAFETY HOLD. A precision cutter designed for distal arch cutting. It shear cuts hard wires and holds the loose distal end preventing any damaging of oral tissue. Caution: Maximum capacity archwires up to .022″ x .026″. Rectangular or round wires up to .020″.

 Schwark Korkhaus

The Schwarz-Korkhaus Analysis is a tool used to determine your patient’s genetic potential This analysis is very similar to the Pont’s Index, but has two major advantages over Pont’s First, the ability to determine the patient’s division; second, there are no difficult conversation factors. The Schwarz-Korkhaus Analysis is an exellent device for chairside evaluation or cast analysis.

 Schure band Seater

This design features a finely serrated band pusher on one end, all purpose scaler on opposite end.


Used to condition high prescription points, the Lurbicant is resistant to heat oxidation. Low toxictty, and low skin sensitization.

 Small Occulist Plier

Round and concave beaks are hardened stainless steel and have fine, smooth finish. Bends round or rectangular wire with firm grip but will not nick wire. Up to .028.

 Tube Crimping Plier

For crimping stops or tubes on wires.

Grooved tips and curved beaks allow easy access to stops in distal areas.

 Weingard Plier

Serrated tips hold wires firmly at a convenient working angle. Tapered beaks fit easily between brackets and hard to reach areas. Our most popular utility plier.

 Wire Gauge

Lightweight stainless steel. Measures round and rectangular wire with gauge and inch sizes. The only devices which helps to verify sizes and maintain quality control.

 Extra Heavy Wire Cutter

X-Heavy duty Wire Cutter cuts all archwires and retainer wires up to .060″ excellent tab plier for heavy retainer wires.