Orthopedic Starter Kit


Precision tips for accurate wire and clasp adjusting and contouring. Also an excellent plier for bending of orthopedic appliances. Superior strength for wires up to .030”.


Construction Bites for Functional Appliances, TMJ Splints, Snoring & sleep apnea appliances and Sports Mouthguards

  • One millimeter gauge for measuring maximum vertical opening and the left and right lateral range of motion.
  • A large and small exercise dowel. The appropriate size dowel is placed across the arch at the 1st molar area. Use the heel of the hand to exert firm vertical pressure on the chin. This exercise is used to treat a non-reducing anterior displaced disk.
  • One excursion platform. The platform is placed across the arch at the 1st molar area to disengage the occlusion. Use the heel of the hand on the chin and exert firm left and right lateral pressure. This exercise is used to treat a medial displaced disk.
  • One bite jig for repositioning splints.

All of the intraoral items (blue) are autoclavable. Cold sterilize the ruler.


Essential for measuring cross arch width interorally or on your study casts. Easy to use, sturdy, and dependable. The slide moves smoothly and easily, yet hold its position when released to maintain accurate measurements. The tips are curved and precision shaped to confidently locate and hold points for measurement. The front and back are marked with scales; both marked in millimeters up to 80mm, with large marks and numbers to denote every 10 millimeters.


Exactobites allow for impression paste registration for construction bite.

Bite Registration Jigs:
2mm Anterior Opening (Blue)
4mm Anterior Opening (White)

(25 per pack)


Stubby, square beaks; .045″ at tip and parallel at 1mm opening. Easily bends and forms wire up to .060 to .050.


The George Gauge will enable you to confidently record the construction bite position in the treatment chart of each patient.

Regardless of your present degree of sophistication and skill you will experience more consistent success when using a George Gauge.


Excellent for precise bending and forming loops in light wires up to .020”. Also used to adjust springs on orthopaedic appliances. No splay because of fine serrations of square beaks; assuring firm grip.


Round and concave beaks are hardened stainless steel and have fine, smooth finish. Bends round or rectangular wire with firm grip but will not nick wire. Bends larger radius in wire. Up to .032


This Orthometer symmetry grid allows for clearer model analysis. Extramely useful in determining uni-lateral arch length loss.


Specially designed to achieve appropriate teeth registration for construction of orthopedic appliances. Bees wax for no distortion and allows for accurate alignment of the dental or skeletal midlines.


The Schwarz-Korkhaus Analysis is a tool used to determine your patient’s genetic potential This analysis is very similar to the Pont’s Index, but has two major advantages over Pont’s First, the ability to determine the patient’s division; second, there are no difficult conversation factors. The Schwarz-Korkhaus Analysis is an exellent device for chairside evaluation or cast analysis.


Round and concave beaks are hardened stainless steel and have fine, smooth finish. Bends round or rectangular wire with firm grip but will not nick wire. Up to .028.


Serrated tips hold wires firmly at a convenient working angle. Tapered beaks fit easily between brackets and hard to reach areas. Our most popular utility plier.


Heavy duty wire cutter. Cuts all archwires and retainer wires up to .060″. Excellent tab plier for heavy retainer wires.